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SkinnyWeed®'s Board Certified Physicians developed what we believe is most effective weight loss dietary supplement on the market* SkinnyWeed® CONTROL is designed to burn your fat by browning your white adipose tissue (white fat cells).* No Artificial Ingredients. Hy-Fusion RAPID Nano technology supports your blood sugar regulation throughout the day so you're less likely to suffer cravings.* Our scientists have been leading the way in stem cell and regenerative medicine since 2005. SkinnyWeed®’s Chief science officer Ali Kharazmi founded the Genetic Institute of Anti-Aging, the Center for Weight Management, the Plastic Surgery Institute, as well as Advanced Surgical Partners. Our physicians we were able to develop what we believe is the most effective weight loss dietary supplement on the market. Our propriety Hyfusion technology enables us to deliver active ingredients to your body more effectively and with more longevity, and our Hyfusion + (Patent Pending) enables us to target specific areas of the body through the use of polarization.*

5 reviews for SkinnyWeed® CONTROL – Bottle

  1. Marko Starcevic

    This product complements my intermittent fasting regimen really well and I would recommend it to anyone looking to lose weight with ease.

  2. Shelly Doreen

    This not only works. I feel rested and have natural energy. On top of the fact I smoke weed as well. So this helps with my cravings. It balances me.

  3. Anastasia

    This is the most unbelievable product ever!
    I am not nor have ever been a Cannibas user of any kind. (I must be the only one in the world) but tried this product and it has completely curbed my appetite and also makes me feel totally different…. better. Feels natural and crazy good. I normally don’t respond well to pills but this is magic! Thanks SW!

  4. Kristin Case

    I love Skinny Weed! One pill curbs my appetite with no jitters or unpleasant side effects. You can’t tell your taking anything other than you are just not hungry.

    What can I say… it works!

  5. Duane Shepard Sr

    Duane Yellow Feather

    I used Skinnyweed for a month and a half and except for a short break, I lost approximately a pound a day with very lite exercise. I took two capsules before Breakfast and before Dinner and my appetite was greatly reduced without any jittery side effects. I was monitored by a doctor and there were no side effects. I going to do a full exercise program now and take the product for sixty more days. 10.8 lbs off and counting. I am very pleased with Skinnyweed!

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